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“Xiangzhiling” can effectively improve the immunity, demonstrating rapid regulating effects on high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high cholesterol, insomnia, constipation, an endocrine disorder, and sub-health. It modulates and normalizes blood pressure in both directions, promotes the blood circulation and oxygen absorption, thus enhance the physical fitness, reduces or eliminates the side effects of western medicine.


Alkaline Water. Contains a PH 10 level Alkaline refers to the waters PH level. The higher the PH the more Alkaline the water. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. Better than tap water. Containing minerals and negative negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) drinking alkaline ionized water may have benefits for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. with a list of other good health benefits Added Minerals in Alkaline Water make your body less acidic and maintains hydration.


Ganoderma coffee contains valuable red ganoderma active essence, it is three -in-one instant coffee adopting red ganoderma polysaccharide, skimmed milk powder and non-refined sugar (contains complete vitamins and fiber). Each cup of ganoderma coffee contains 1g red ganoderma active element, can help to improve anti-fatigueability, refresh brain and relieve pressure. At the same time, selection of Malaysia A1 grade coffee beans with only 11.5mg caffeine in each cup of ganoderma coffee, it is the superior coffee drink for health preservation.



Our Moringa Powder is authentic and one of natures most well known medicinal Herb. Used for thousands of years, with scientific research behind it you too can have access to this amazing product. Moringa plant is highly rich in protein and nutrients. Rich in Vitamins, K,E,A and Calcium. Absorbed faster and better than vitamin supplements by the body. Also known to have various health and beauty benefits. We use the best part of the Moringa plant which is the leaves, crushed into a powder. Using Moringa daily has a long list of health benefits

Plum Drink

Plum Drink or as it is well known by our members Plum Juice. It is high in fibre and help with digestion and constipation. With added fibre to ones diet this helps with an overactive bladder. Hi in pottasium and vitamins, Plum Drink is also high in iron so a great source for regular usage. Reducing Cholesterol and improving male and females sex drive. Whilst also maintaining appetite.


Joyful Time Hazelnut White Coffee The encounters of Malaysia coffee beans and delicious hazelnut gives a wonderful experience on the tongue. The selection of the finest Malaysia coffee beans, the unique slow process of low-temperature baking, particularly adding natural fat-free milk powder, no artificial additives, keep the pure flavor of the coffee. Hazelnut white coffee is not dry, 0 trans fat, no adverse stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract, giving the aromatic flavor to the last drop

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